CPPCC members: the police will be integrated into the team building

Strengthening the Financial Guarantee for the Construction of Public Security Concord Police

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Impulsive hit people pull out the fraud case man facing "two crimes and punishment"

The man also confessed to another crime of fraud

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Farmers in the Taihang Mountains do not fall off

The majority of farmers cooperatives are employed by land or capital

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Volkswagen "tail valve" after the heavy pressure in China also eat lawsuit

To find out whether the public will be the European investment bank to promote the development of environmentally friendly engine loans to do it with it

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Chicken farm explosion caused 6 people died town party secretary and other three people were removed from office

Yizhang County related departments immediately related to the accident responsible person to start the accountability system

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Henan driving hit the students of the driver was arrested

Drove the car to crash the student to one death and 11 injured the local retired prosecutor horse climax

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Shanxi Changzhi a traffic coordinator was dragged 266 meters to death suspects surrendered

The suspect Jiang Moumou to Changzhi City Public Security Bureau Suburban Branch Fu Village police station

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Central bus first shot: 106 cars all traded the highest unit price of 210,000

Today's auction models the highest transaction price of 210,000 yuan

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Beijing area deflagration event: the responsible party in the construction of the second set of loss of the registry

Haidian Fire Brigade Shuang Yushu Squadron is the first squadron to reach the scene after the deflagration accident

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Abbas condemned the Jewish youth being kidnapped by the Prime Minister for assistance in search and rescue

The kidnapping of three Jewish youth incidents was the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)

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Crazy cash! Li Ka-shing three years has been divestment nearly 80 billion yuan

Just in Shanghai 20 billion yuan to sell Pudong Century Plaza, Li Ka-shing and then pass cash information

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Shandong University students complained that tuition fees are too expensive for a school year 12525 yuan

Tuition consists of credits and professional registration fees

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Conversation in the organization of the investigation of Liaoning staff was the Commission for Discipline Inspection

Fushun City Commission for Discipline Inspection did not stay in the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection assigned 265 people involved in the handling

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60-year-old man wearing a suit to take the luxury hotel mixed into the wedding ban smoking

Until Luomou picked up the cigarettes

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Won the 6th year of Shanghai Mayor, he was still glowing fever

Xu Kuangdi left working for 38 years in Shanghai

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Xiong'an with hot Baoding tourism Qingming only Anxin County on the income of tens of millions

The name of Hebei Baoding set up a national new district

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"Nepal" to strengthen the super tyrannical level gradually close to Fujian and Zhejiang coastal areas

Landing in Taiwan after the intensity will be significantly reduced

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New urbanization, household registration land system reform this year by the focus

The State Council approved the Development and Reform Commission "on the deepening of the economic reform in 2014 key tasks of the views"

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How to change the tax reform, what direction? The Ministry of Finance has the latest argument

The General Administration of Taxation Income Tax Division will further study and actively promote the combination of comprehensive and classified personal income tax reform

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