Impulsive hit people pull out the fraud case man facing "two crimes and punishment"

The man also confessed to another crime of fraud
On the evening of April 26, a man and his wife after the mouth of the hands of beating, was taken away by the police, the man at the same time account for another fraud in the facts of another fraud. May 10, Lanzhou Morning News reporter learned from the peaceful police: April 26 evening 9:30, the police patrol at night, received a report from the man said that he was near the Lanzhou City College was beaten by others, police Quickly rushed to the scene, the two sides to the police station asked. In the police review, the suspect Liu in addition to account of the fact that beating others, but also truthfully account for its previous in Longnan City, Wudu District, the facts of the crime of fraud. Subsequently, Liu was detained in accordance with the law, and sent to the third detention center in Lanzhou City, the current case is being further processed.

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